Jey Uso Discusses Clash Of Champions Match With Roman Reigns, Getting The Opportunity For A WWE Universal Title Shot

In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Jey Uso discussed his upcoming Clash of Champions match with Roman Reigns, the opportunity for a WWE Universal title shot, and much more. Here are some of the highlights.

Jey Uso on the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Universal title: “It feels good, uce. It feels real good. Every week that keeps passing on, its soaking in and Im starting to embrace it. When it first happened, I was kind of doubting myself. Like, I am a tag team guy, what am I doing in here? But I won the fatal four-way and the momentum is just coming, uce. The interviews are coming, the love is coming my confidence is at 100 right now. Im about to go out there and take full advantage of this. I know theres a lot of haters saying uce aint gonna win hey, whatever.”

On getting the opportunity against his cousin Roman Reigns: “Its really emotional. Ive never come into this match feeling this kind of way. I dont know if hes going to turn on me, if hes going to switch. And hes got Paul Heyman in his corner, I dont know what hes feeding [Romans mind]. So theres a lot in play and a lot of different ways it can go. I keep getting goosebumps, man! I got goosebumps right now, damn!”

On how Jimmy Uso feels about his big moment: “Jimmy knows this is a big moment and he doesnt want to take the light away from me, but he just wishes he could be in my corner. He just wants to walk with me, be in my corner, have the best seat in the house. He wants to bang on the apron, feel the intensity, the sweat dripping, all of that! But hes loving it, uce. Hes rehabbing that knee and by January/February were going to get back Uso crazy. And a PSA to all the tag teams, uce. The party dont stop with the Universal title. Im going to try and win that thing, but my number one goal is still to be the best tag team in wrestling, doing it all. So every tag team, get ready, bro. Next year is going to be year of the Usos.”

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