Jerry Lawler Explains WWE Stars Making More Independent Appearances on 2017

– During the latest edition of his podcast, and spoke about WWE superstars making more appearances at independent wrestling shows this year, including AJ Styles over the weekend in Georgia

“When you sign a contract with WWE, its pretty much exclusive. However, WWE wrestlers are, technically tax-wise, considered independent contractors. In that sense, you are really truly, supposedly, work wherever you want to. But its just an understanding, and its in the contract, that WWE will basically keep you booked where youre not available to do anything else. I think they call them third-party appearances. Thats been a long-standing thing that if somebody else wants to book, say for instance AJ Styles, Im sure what they did was call the office and made an offer. Then the office will look and see if its a viable thing; if AJ isnt working that night. So say you have an independent show, and you call WWE, and you say you want John Cena. If hes available, and they tell you what his fee would be; if you are still conscious, if you havent fainted, and you say you can pay that, they call John and tell him they have an offer for him and if he would accept it. And why you dont see WWE superstars at these shows, the reasons are money, its prohibitive for a promoter to be able to pay these guys what WWE is asking. And usually when these shows happen are on the weekend, when WWE are running their shows. Or a day off; days off are few and far between. They relish a day off; they wouldnt want to do a third-party appearance on their day off.”

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