Jeff Jarrett Thinks Elias Needs a Big Rivalry recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who is set to face Elias tonight on Raw. Below are some highlights.

Jeff Jarrett on getting the call for the Royal Rumble: “Very rarely does Double J get speechless, but it was really hard to put into words after the Rumble match because I was as surprised as anybody that I got the call. Elias has been on a roll for a couple of years now. We did the Table for 3 last year and the first time I met him was about three minutes before we rolled tape. The producer saw us shake hands and said, ‘Hey, leave that for on camera.'”

his thoughts on Elias: “I’m a fan of his. I was a fan of his beforehand but I think he’s got charisma and an aura. I said that the one thing missing for him is a big rivalry. Not that we’re a rivalry by any stretch, but I’ve carried the guitar and he’s got the guitar. Here we are at the beginning of Royal Rumble. For me to kick that off with Elias, it was really, really special.”

Jarrett on his unfinished business with Elias: “I didn’t get to punch him enough with my right hand, so absolutely [we have unfinished business]. When someone cracks you with a guitar, and also cracks your buddy with a guitar, of course it’s unfinished business.”

Jarrett on winning the AAA Mega Championship: “I never would have dreamed within my wildest dreams that would have happened. A couple of more right hands to Elias and a match would be pretty special. I’ll ask you, ‘What do you think my goal should be?'”

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