Jeff Hardy Reportedly ReUps With WWE, Had About Two Months Left on Last Deal

As previously reported, Jeff Hardy recently commented on his WWE contract status in a recent interview with BT Sport. During the interview, he commented that getting to use his theme “No More Words” again was part of the deal of him re-signing with WWE. Dave Meltzer chimed in with more details on Jeff Hardy’s contract status on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, and Meltzer and Alvarez noted that Jeff Hardy has signed a new multi-year contract with WWE.

Meltzer noted that Hardy’s (age 43) previous WWE contract was slated to expire “in a couple months.” Matt and Jeff Hardy previously re-signed with WWE and returned to the company together as The Hard Boyz back in 2017 at WrestleMania 33. According to Meltzer, Matt and Jeff’s contracts when they returned “started on the same day.” Originally, both of their contracts were slated to end on the same day. However, more time getting “tacked on” to Jeff’s deal due to his injuries ended up causing a gap for when their contracts ultimately ended.

Matt Hardy’s last WWE deal ended earlier this year. He ended up leaving WWE and later signed with AEW. According to Meltzer, Matt Hardy also had additional time tacked on to his contract due to injury, but Jeff apparently had more since he was out longer with his own injuries.

Additionally, Meltzer noted that most new long-term WWE contracts right now are for five years, so he speculated that Jeff Hardy likely signed a new deal three-to-five years in length.

Jeff won the Intercontinental title last month, beating AJ Styles to win the belt for the fifth time on SmackDown.

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