Jeff Hardy On How His Feud With Sheamus Reminds Him of CM Punk Feud, Wants to Face AJ Styles

Jeff Hardy appeared on this week’s episode of The Bump and discussed his feud with Sheamus, wanting to face AJ Styles on Smackdown and more. Hardy famously feuded with CM Punk in 2009 in a storyline that saw Punk reference Hardy’s issues with addiction, something the Sheamus feud has also focused on. You can check out highlights and the full video below:

On his real-life issues being used in the feud with Sheamus: “Its definitely a huge motivator, man. Because weve been doing a documentary, too, my Chronicle [special] I think will be out soon. And its real deep and honest and, you know, open. So yeah, its been an asset, I think. Because over the years, since my early 20s, Ive been in and out of addiction and alcoholism, whatever. Just, the roller coaster ride of good and bad.

“And man, sadly but in the same sense, creatively its been a power for me. Because even back in the days of feuding with Punk — it kind of reminds of that, this deal with Sheamus. And it can be extremely uncomfortable at times, but thats when I gotta stay strong in my beliefs, and where I am right now, and what I am right now. And not let anything under my skin to the point of like, I cant do that, I cant do that. I think its gonna help a lot of people that I never meet in this lifetime, just by watching me on TV and hearing what I say and sharing my experience. So yeah, its a huge motivator.

On who on Smackdown he wants to face: Yeah, for sure. Itd be a dream of mine — the first time I went to this other wrestling world in my life, I wrestled this dude. This young up-and-coming star named AJ Styles. And that was my first match back, and I was so nervous because I knew he was so good. And definitely, were the same age and were just like complete opposites outside the ring. But yeah, AJ Styles for sure, Roman Reigns for sure, Bray Wyatt for sure. As long as The Fiend is around, I know theres something special between me and him. But yeah man, me and AJ one on one, the 42-year-olds — maybe 43 next year — matching it up would be great.

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