JBL 038 Corey Graves Are Critical of WWE 205 Live

– On last weeks episode of WWE Bring It To The Table, Corey Graves and JBL were asked of WWE was missing the boat on WWE 205 Live and not delivering action like in the Cruiserweight Classic; both commented and were in agreeance that the 205 Live product was lacking

Graves: “Coming off of the Cruiserweight Classic, which was only about in-ring action, some of the best talent from around the globe, 205 pounds and under, and it was a huge success, so much so that it spawned 205 Live and the cruiserweights on Raw, so I think a lot of people had a certain expectation. And it’s sort of, in my opinion, built to cater to a very hardcore niche of the WWE Universe, which is great. You need to do that. I think to this point, it has been too much talking and not enough action.”

JBL: “I think we’re missing the boat completely on 205 Live. I think we’re missing the lake. We have some of the greatest athletes in the world in these young guys, and instead what do we have? We have gentlemen’s duels. We have Alicia Fox out there eating roses during shows. We’re doing some stuff, to me, that is carnival-type, hokey, old-style, that I don’t think helps develop characters; what we need to know most about these guys is that they are world class athletes and I think we’re losing that.”

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