JAPAN: New Japan Pro Wrestling 8/12 G1 Climax B Block final...Omega-Okada III (F4Wonline.com)

Posted on 8/12/117 by Bob Magee

El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taichi defeated Jushin
Thunder Liger, KUSHIDA and Hirai Kawato

Liger got a hot tag early and looked great, dominating and
laying out all three members of Suzuki-gun. KUSHIDA and
Desperado went at it as well, since they are having a title
match somewhere down the line. They teased an encounter
before the G1 shows, and Desperado has picked up a multitude
of wins during these last 17 shows.

Kawato came in and had Desperado in the Boston crab but
Taichi and Kanemaru came in to even the odds. Desperado
followed through with the Angels wings for the win.

Desperado blasted KUSHIDA with the IWGP Jr. after the match.

Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI defeated Chase
Owens, Tanga Roa and Yujiro Takahashi

This was a good back and forth tag team match. Owens came in
and nearly had the package piledriver on Goto. He fought
back, hit the ushigiroshi and followed with the GTR for the

Takashi Iizuka and Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Yuji Nagata and
Togi Makabe

Heels took Nagata and Makabe to the outside. Iizuka blasted
Makabe with a chair. Mostly just an okay match. Iizuka is
just as good as you remember him being; what that entails is
up to you to decide. He used the iron fingers to blast
Nagata, then Sabre followed with a penalty kick for the win.

Cody, Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Bad Luck Fale defeated
War Machine, Ricochet, Ryusuke Taguchi and Katsuya Kitamura

There was a fun spot early where Rowe took out half the
Bullet Club with back breakers and gut busters. Fale came in
for the save, and what do you know, Rowe cant do what he
just did to the other members of the Bullet Club.

Young Bucks, Page and Cody all went for the moonsault but
Taguchi Japan cut them off. They piled up Bullet Club and
had Hanson go on top but Fale came in for the save. Everyone
came in for spots, eventually leaving most of Bullet Club
out of the ring.

Ricochet came flying first with a twisting Sasuke special.
Hanson followed with a somersault to the outside. Kitamura
hit the ropes, but Page came in with a clothesline, then
followed with the rite of passage (Omori driver) for the

Juice Robinson defeated Michael Elgin

This was a really good match. Nothing fancy or anything, but
there were a few really great spots and the finish was nice.
If there is one person in this tournament who should have
higher stock following the G1, its Juice.

Elgin wiped out Robinson on the outside with a big
somersault to the floor. Robinson made a pretty good
comeback. He laid out Elgin with a DDT but ate an enziguri
as he hopped off the top rope. Robinson caught Elgin with a
full nelson slam for a two count.

Robinson captured Elgin as he was going to the top rope and
landed a powerbomb. He motioned for the pulp friction, but
Elgin escaped...only to be caught with a gutbuster. Robinson
went for a somersault into the corner, but Elgin grabbed him
and gave him the buckle bomb. Robison quickly came back with
a flash cover, but Elgin kicked out.

Elgin went for a burning hammer, but Robinson escaped and
hit a big punch. Elgin reversed the pulp friction, but
Robinson met him with another punch and finally got the pulp
friction for the win.

Robinson wanted to shake hands after the match. Elgin
obliged, then left as Robinson celebrated.

Tama Tonga defeated SANADA

This was fine, not much to talk about. Just a nice back and
forth match. SANADA and Tonga showed great agility towards
one another early. SANADA got the advantage and put Tonga in
the paradise lock, leading to Tanga Roa and Yujiro Takahashi
to come in for some help. Roa made himself helpful by taking
out SANADA on the outside with a lariat.

Back in the ring, Tonga hit a gun stun and also hit a twist
and shout neckbreaker. SANADA escaped one gun stun attempt,
but then walked right into another for the win.

Toru Yano defeated Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki jumped Yano immediately at the bell and took him to
the floor. Taichi, who was seconding Suzuki, jumped into the
fray. He took him back to the ring. Yano managed to undo a
turnbuckle, but Suzuki mostly dominated.

Yano gave Suzuki an atomic drop on the outside and tried to
tape Suzukis legs, but it doesnt work. Instead, Suzuki
ties up HIS legs. He puts Yano in the sleeper. He started to
argue with the referee as Taichi came in with a chair. Rocky
Romero, who was on commentary, came in to make the save.
Suzuki took him out as Yano came with some tape. Suzuki
fought back, but did eventually get wrapped up in tape, got
low blowed, and was pinned with a roll up.

Suzuki was incensed about the loss, attacking every young
lion he saw after the match with a chair and fumed to the

EVIL defeated Satoshi Kojima

Kojima gave EVIL a bunch of chops in the corner and hit the
elbow. He went for a roaring elbow, but EVIL fought back.
Kojima blocked EVILs attacks and hit a koji cutter, then
laid him out with a giant DDT on the apron.

EVIL managed to catch Kojima in a waistlock and landed a
German suplex, then followed with the darkness falls. EVIL
did a throat slash, motioning for the STO but Kojima fought
out of it. He kept no selling EVILs lariats until he busted
out one of his own, taking out EVIL.

Kojima followed with a brainbuster. He went for one more
lariat and countered EVILs attempt at an STO. EVIL,
however, headbutted Kojima and followed through with the
STO, securing the win in a very nice back and forth match.

Kenny Omega defeated Kazuchika Okada

Yes, I can confirm that this was better than their other two
matches -- well, at least in my own opinion. While those
matches were amazing in their own right, I honestly cant
think of how you can have a better 20-25 minute match like
this one. Once again, both Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada
have demonstrated what a big time pro wrestling is in 2017,
and it's pretty damn amazing.

This felt like a hot match from the very start, ditching the
slow pace of usual big NJPW main events and never cooled
down. Just hot, frenetic action from the start. Add in the
drama with Okadas neck (the doctor spot was so well done),
along with an array of incredible moves, both guys pulling
out all the stops with a hot crowd and, well, I cant think
of a better match youll see all year. Well, except the G1
Finals are tomorrow, and you know how that goes...

They start off with guns blazing as Omega immediately went
for a V-trigger. A very exciting minute of action ensues as
Okada gets Omega on the top rope and dropkicks him to the
floor. Omega throws him into the barricade, then lands a big
boot that sends him to the floor. Omega hits a giant running
crossbody, sending them crashing onto a row of chairs.

Okada hits the elbow and the rainmaker pose. Omega
immediately took him to the floor and hit a big crossbody to
the outside. Okada smashes his neck against the guardrail.
Omega took Okada back to the ring and made a point to score
a missile dropkick right in the back of Okadas neck.

Omega continued to work on the neck, looking for a
piledriver but Okada countered with a back body drop. Omega
fired back with a rolling senton. Okada got the knees up
with a moonsault attempt, but Omega countered with a
hurricanrana and a dropkick to the neck., but Okada came
back to the ring and hit a flapjack.

Omega tried for a springboard, but Okada dropkicked him,
sending him to the floor. Omega countered with a reverse
rana to the floor. A doctor and some other officials checked
in on him. Omega would have none of it continued the attack,
hitting a dragon suplex on the apron and lifted him up with
a knee neckbreaker...but Okada kicked out.

At the fifteen minute mark, Omega continued the assault,
hitting Okada with a v-trigger square to the face. Okada
started to get angry, grabbed Omegas knee and started to
fight back, hitting a tombstone. Omega took him to the top
rope and went for a fishermans buster but Okada sent him
back to the floor, then delivered a big dropkick to the back
of Omegas head.

Omega hit a v-trigger again as they did more back and forth,
but Okada fought back with a German suplex. Omega hit a big
time uranage, but Okada was able to fight back with a
rainmaker, only for Omega to kick out at two.

Omega hit a backslide, but Okada hit another rainmaker and
held on to the wrist. Okada hit another, then went for one
more but Omega ducked and hit a German suplex, then another.
Okada fired back with elbows, but Omega neutralized him with
a reverse rana. Omega went for the One Winged Angel, but
Okada tried to escape, so he transitioned it into the
Croyts wrath.

Okada came back with one more dropkick and went for the
rainmaker but Omega countered, grabbed the wrist and landed
a v-trigger. He finally hit the One Winged Angel and pinned
Okada to not only beat Okada for the first time, but also to
win the B Block.

Omega cut a promo in Japanese before going into his match
with Tetsuya Naito tomorrow. Naito, as well as Los
Ingobernables de Japon, is so good and so popular. The
problem is, however, everyone here is wearing Bullet Club,
Kenny Omega and Elite shirts. He will win and become the
first ever two time gaijin winner of the G1 Climax.

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