Japan Halting Entry for Nonresidents Due to COVID, Will Affect Major Japanese Wrestling Promotions

– According to a report by Kyodo News, Japan is going to suspend entry into the country for all nonresident foreign nationals into the country as part of the current effort to block the spread of the novel coronavirus. The announcement was made on Wednesday (Jan. 13) by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. The announcement comes after the discovery of a new, more infectious strain of the virus.

As first noted by PWInsider, this government order will prevent non-Japanese wrestlers from entering the country unless they already reside in Japan. This will likely impact NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, Stardom, and other promotions who utilize non-Japanese talent.

Under the new order, special treatment will be halted until February 7, which is currently the last day of the ongoing state of emergency in the Tokyo area and other parts of Japan. Additionally, any foreign residents who live in the country will be deported if they violate the quarantine regulations for 14 days after they enter Japan.

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