Jack Swagger Says Some Of What Jon Moxley Said About WWE Resonated, Comments On Lack of Time For Certain Talent

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Jack Swagger spoke about Jon Moxley’s interview with Talk is Jericho earlier this summer, in which he infamously took multiple shots at WWE creative over the way things are handled, particularly with micromanaging and the atmosphere backstage. Swagger admitted that while he didn’t actually hear the interview, what he heard about it he agreed with. Here are highlights:

On if he still enjoys being a wrestler: “Absolutely, it’s awesome to be a pro wrestler. I spent 12 years in the trenches, being treated like a grunt, and it’s great to see the changes being made to the industry. It’s really popular amongst fans in how they’re reacting to it and gravitating towards the change.”

On if he’d consider working for AEW while competing in Bellator: “That would definitely be a conversation to have. They’ve been very supportive of all my pro wrestling dates and they’ve encouraged it. You can see it helps to have a fighter with pro wrestling mic skills inside that cage because when fans start booing, you have to dish it right back at them.”

On Jon Moxley’s problems with WWE creative and if he was ever asked to do anything he was uncomfortable with: “I didn’t hear the podcast but I saw a lot of headlines and from what I saw it does resonate. It’s one of those things when you have a big company, things get lost or wasted. Character-wise, all the time but nothing sexually like you’re making it sound [laughs] Stuff like the 1000th episode of Raw and I got beat by Brodus Clay in six seconds. I literally took a turnbuckle and he covered me just because of time restraints. It was a big episode to be on but stuff like that and not having the amount of time to do anything. If you get time on TV, really the ball’s in your court and you can take it and make it for what it is. But you’ve gotta have time.”

On R-Truth’s current 24/7 title run: “Man, he’s beyond a Superstar. He’s just above and beyond and anything he touches is so entertaining. The best part is that it’s real and sincere. You could see that that’s Ron Killings; that’s R-Truth. It’s the whole thing when you get an opportunity, you’ve really got to make it your own. That’s what he does with anything they give him. He makes it his own and it takes off. It’s really cool and I think he’s deserving of way more there.”

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