Innovate Wrestling returns to Bristol, TN on February 10

Posted on 1/22/119 by Innovate Wrestling

Innovate Wrestling promoter Tony Givens will team with "The
Renegade" Axton Ray to take on The Illuminati's Devin
Driscoll and a partner of John Hawkins' choosing in a Smoky
Mountain Street Fight on Sunday, February 10 in Bristol, TN
at Maddie's Event Hall.

The stakes are high in this match up as control of The
Illuminati is on the line. Tony Givens founded The
Illuminati in 2011. In 2017, Devin Driscoll revived the
group with himself in the leadership role. Last year,
Driscoll brought in Givens' greatest rival, John Hawkins to
manage the group's affairs.

Tony Givens is bringing back up in the form of King College
Male Athlete of the Year and arguably Innovate Wrestling's
top upcoming star Axton Ray. Illuminati manager, John
Hawkins will select Driscoll's partner in this match. Who
will John pick?

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