ick Dinsmore on Getting to Do a TV Angle With The Rock, How It Took Eugene to the Next Level

KDLT.com recently spoke with former WWE Superstar Nick Dinsmore (aka Eugene). Dinsmore was promoting his upcoming show and match with Jonathan Coachman this week to benefit the St. Luke’s Heart Institute. Below are some highlights.

Dinsmore on his segment with The Rock: The Rocks music hit and they say hes the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and we were in this, it was just a magic moment. And the thing was, thats what made me a star. Thats what took Eugene to the next level. The Rock came out and said Eugene and the Rock are friends the Rock didnt know me. He didnt have to do that.

Dinsmore on starting Midwest All Pro Wrestling in Sioux Falls: There were some in Omaha, some in Minneapolis but nothing here and I wanted to bring a pro wrestling company here and bring pro wrestling to the fans that I knew were going to be in Sioux Falls because Id wrestled here with WWE but they needed their own hometown production.”

Dinsmore on why he’s putting on his show to benefit St. Luke’s and create organ donor awareness: Theyre trying to create funds so that if families that might not have the ability to afford a heart transplant, can afford a heart transplant. Its a special thing because Coach is out there changing lives and were just happy to be a part of it and be able to put it on a platform.”

Nick Dinsmore on what fans can expect: Its gonna be a big event. Record-breaking crowds are expected. Eugenes gonna be there. Theres going to be titles on the line. Theres going to be ups and downs and turns and ins and outs and Im going to take Coach up and down, pillar to post, up Main Avenue and back down in a Sioux Falls street fight. Were going to do it for a good cause and were going to do it in the best little city in America, Sioux Falls.”

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