Hornswoggle Says He Has Heat With CM Punk

– Hornswoggle recently appeared on the YouShoot podcast , (via wrestlezone.com), here are the highlights

On Staying in Touch with CM Punk: No, I am not. I am not in touch with him today because I offended him. I asked for a phone number of a mutual friend that we have from him, which is odd because it wasnt like he didnt like the person. Hes still best friends with that person today. He saw it as me using him, we were best friends on the road together for years, but not anymore.

On Who He Had the Most Heat Within WWE: Just CM Punk being a d**khead. I never called him out on it, it wasnt worth it, I just didnt care anymore to call him out on it. For a while, we were very close, though.

On the Perception of Being a Bully: I am a bully. Someone would walk in the room and I would say, oh, you f***ing suck, like Great Khali. I would tell him that he sucked every day, that he sucked in the ring, he is not getting better and that he should quit. Khali would just laugh and say, I dont suck, you suck. I had people come up from NXT and say to me, one thing we know is that we hear youre a bully, I say that I am because I know that I am going to be bullied back at some point so I might as well start it.

On Brodus Clay Smacking Him in England: I had Clay get booed in England because I thought we were in New Castle but we were really in Birmingham. We were right behind the curtain and ask how Im doing and he cursed me out telling me how much he hates me and that I was getting him buried, I just kept laughing and apologized. He was really pissed. Arn [Anderson] definitely thought it was a rib, either that or he was just trying to rile him up. I wish I had thought about doing that as a rib, so he wouldnt ever ask me what city we were in, thats for sure.

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