Hiromu Takahashi Hopes Best of the Super Juniors Blows G1 Out of the Water

Hiromu Takahashi is excited to see that the Best of the Super Juniors is happening this year after all, and hopes it blows the G1 Climax “out of the water.” NJPW spoke with Takahashi about the tournament, which will run alongside the World Tag League this year and stars on November 15th. You can see some highlights below:

On if he’s surprised Best of the Super Jr. is happening this year: “I kept the faith! From the jump Ive always been saying that it isnt a cancellation, its a postponement. I think that BoSJ and G1 are two of the biggest strings to our bow, so I really didnt believe that NJPW would throw one of them away. ”

On World Tag League and BOSJ taking place simultaneously: “Hmmm. That is what it is, and I dont think I have much to say about it. Ill be doing my thing, but Id be lying if I said I didnt have my eye on them … The important thing as far as Im concerned is that were getting to hold the BoSJ. Like I said, I always kept the faith, but it was no certain thing, so Im really happy it got announced. Apart from that well, Im not really bothered. It could actually turn out pretty fun. I have no problem with people watching the two and comparing.”

On comparing G1 and BOSJ: “I dont think the office is listening to me and what I want specifically, are they? But if I can fire things up a bit, so much the better. Im never going to say that the junior heavyweights are beneath the heavyweights. But as long as we have two different weight classes, people are going to compare the two, and people should compare the two in my opinion … So when it comes to the matches in BoSJ, I want us to blow everything that happened in the G1 out of the water, and have the fans think I was the best wrestler in the best tournament. And win the whole thing of course (laughs).”

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