Hardy on Detail of His Deal With Anthem Over Broken Universe

Uproxx.com recently interviewed WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, and he discussed the transition of the Broken Universe to the Woken Universe, Bray Wyatt possibly going into the Lake of Reincarnation and becoming a soldier of light, and more. Below are some highlights.

Matt Hardy on what he’s able to disclose about his deal with Anthem Sports over the Broken Universe: “Really the only detail I can go into there is that, you know, we’re, you know, starting with the Woken universe in the WWE, and recently you’ve only seen a sliver of [it]. And you, obviously, being in the know, you know a lot of the backstory about the Woken universe when it was known as the Broken universe, before my CONDEESHUN became subdued at WrestleMania 33, and now it is going through an awakening, and I am Woken.

“But this is what I can say: now that everything has been settled and everything has been put behind us, anything is possible in the WWE. And I’m sure you will see most things that you will come to expect in the WWE, and I think you will see even new characters and personas that you haven’t even met or interacted with yet. So, I think it’s a very, very exciting time moving forward.”

Matt Hardy on what would happen if Bray Wyatt was thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation: “That’s a very interesting question. I would first be concerned he’s gonna come back as a disgusting ‘Husky Harris.’ That would be my first concern. The second concern, which isn’t as much a concern but would be my hope, is that between myself and the Seven Deities, if we could delete this demon that lives within him, this Sister Abigail, we could dump him in and he could return to the force that he used to be.

“Because many, many years ago, Bray Wyatt the soul that is within him, that is suppressed was once was not a bad guy. But this Sister Abigail is the one that has really taken over his vessel and made him into something evil. So, I’m hoping we can get Bray Wyatt to where he needs to be, because he actually could, in the future, potentially be a wonderful soldier of the light. We just have to get rid of this notorious, nefarious Sister Abigail.”

Matt Hardy on if he wants Brother Nero with him when Jeff Hardy is ready to return: “Of course, yes. I would like to have someone that is on my same mental wavelength, so yes, I would prefer to have Brother Nero. I would maybe even prefer to, like, see the Charismatic Enigma come back, and then just so you and all the spectators that are assisting and watching the Great War could actually see this transformation of him.”

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