FTR Have Spoken With Tony Khan About A Match With Motor City Machine Guns

Earlier this week, Dax Harwood of FTR told a fan that he was open to a match with Impact Wrestling’s Motor City Machine Guns.

He wrote at the time: “Tell their boss to call our boss. Im all about the money, but more about the legacy.

In an interview with Bodyslam, FTR revealed that they have spoken with AEW President Tony Khan about getting the match.

Dax said: “Just today there was a tweet about us and Motor City Machine Guns and we get those all the time but today I made mention of it [to Tony Kahn] so weve spoken about it. I would love to [work with them]. I mean if were going to go down as the greatest tag team of all time we need to work with the greatest and they are one of the greatest and we need to beat them to be the greatest. You have the North that everyone wants us to work with. Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. The Dawsons. James Storm and Eli Drake, the NWA Tag Team Champions, Tama and T. We want to work with all those guys. Ive heard of [the Koloff Dynasty] who has Nikita [Koloff] in their corner, but Nikita is a shell of his former self and he doesnt want any part of Tully. Tully even at 65 will handle Nikita easy.

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