Foley Cena Is One Of The Best Promo Guys

In an interview with Talk is Jericho, Mick Foley defending John Cena from his critics and said that he’s one of the best promo guys in the business today. Here are highlights:

On John Cena’s promo skills: “To me, he’s one of the best promo guys out there. A lot of people don’t want to admit that. [I got] a real feel of how the Cena resentment was, like real resentment. Because, I was in Florida, I was working for TNA, I was watching Monday Night Raw, and he just nailed a promo. And so I had maybe 10,000 followers at that time on Twitter, and I said, ‘Great promo by John Cena. I think more people need to recognize his legacy’… I received like 600 messages within minutes. Like, one or two minutes. [My daughter] goes, ‘That’s impossible.’ I saw that there were a lot of negative ones. I said, ‘Try to find a bad John Cena pay-per-view.’ And then they all responded with the same pay-per-view. And I said, well that’s the exception that proves the rule. And then it was [from fans], ‘Well, he just had good opponents to carry him.’ I said, ‘So he’s had good opponents every month for eight years?'”

On forgetting lines during RAW: “The first time I went out there with Stephanie [McMahon], I said, ‘Stephanie, look. Umm, I’m probably gonna forget things out there. And I’m not gonna panic, because I know it’s gonna happen, but just be aware that it will happen, and you may need to give me a couple of buzzwords.’ But what I didn’t tell her was, it’s probably gonna happen within the first 15 seconds of me being out there. And somebody says to me the next day, ‘Did Stephanie say five alarm fire to you?’ [I said], ‘Yes she did.’ And so I need a little help, and once I have that little bit of help, it can push me through.”

On getting thrown off the top of the cell: “I was like, what am I gonna do. And Terry [Funk] goes, ‘Cactus. I think you should start the match on top of the cell. What if you were thrown off of that cell?’ And he’s joking around, and he’s laughing. And I said, I think I can do that. And so that was why I pitched the idea of coming off [the cell] the first time. [When I landed], I was hurt for six weeks after that, but the initial feel was relief that it was over.”

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