Eric Bischoff Likely Will Not Be Involved With Smackdown Creative

As we previously reported, Eric Bischoff was not backstage at Smackdown this past Tuesday and will actually start his new job today, something he said he’s already started to prepare for. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that not only did Bischoff have no creative influence this week, but most likely won’t be involved with the creative process with the show at all.

The Observer notes that Bischoff’s job will be to “interface” with all of the departments, along with FOX, and will be the leader of the Smackdown brand. Smackdown currently has no leader as it’s just Ryan Ward and others giving their ideas to Vince McMahon. In fact, the situation was said to be a “mess” this week. Daniel Bryan was scheduled for an announcement but then made no announcement, just a day after being advertised for a battle royal only to get pulled from the match.

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