Enzo Amore in Hot Water Over Recent Antics

As previously reported last month, WWE Superstar Enzo Amore had some heat on him after an incident on a WWE tour bus where Roman Reigns reportedly kicked him off the tour bus. It was later brought up on Bring It to the Table on the WWE Network. Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard now has another report on Enzo Amore’s backstage standing in WWE, which appears to be very bad at the moment.

The report claims that Enzo Amore is both “frustrating and infuriating” his colleagues in the WWE, and it got so bad that the WWE office had to intervene in the conflict. Along with being kicked off a European Tour bus and having to change outside the WWE locker room, Amore also reportedly brought some “questionable guests” into the locker room as well. These alleged guests are said to have broken locker room etiquette by filming and taking pictures of the wrestlers there. Other WWE talents believe Amore should’ve known better.

In the past, the WWE roster used to police the locker room with Wrestlers’ Court, which would hear cases against wrestlers and would issue punishments as well. The Undertaker was the one who would head up Wrestlers’ Court. That process stopped at around 2014 when Undertaker started to become less of a backstage presence in the WWE locker room.

The report also mentions that Amore has other ventures such as the music business, which is the cause of another conflict between him and WWE. The report goes on to state that the conflict “could even land him on the list of future-endeavored talent.”

Additionally, the report adds that Amore’s former tag team partner, Big Cass, stood up and protected Amore for the past year, but WWE wanted to split the duo up instead. The report goes on to state that Big Cass’ No one likes you, Enzo promo he cut on Raw was actually based off the truth.

As a result, WWE tried to give Amore the opportunity to “sink or swim” with some of his recent solo promos on Raw, which garnered a strong reception from the WWE Universe. However, Amore also became the negative subject of another news story involving a stripper revealing some negative things about Enzo Amore. The report mentions that the latest incident involving the stripper disappointed much of the Raw locker room with the way Amore is both embarrassing himself and tarnishing the WWE Raw brand.

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