Elgin Removed From Bookings Over Allegations of Covering Up Sexual Assault By Former Student

– Michael Elgin has been removed from bookings by Smash Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling following allegations of sexual assault against a former student. Elgin sold his Glory Pro company after a woman accused Sean Orlans of sexual assaultr and said Elgin tried to discredit her story and cover the allegations up while publicly supporting her.

You can see the statements by both companies below via their Twitter accounts. Smash statement noted, “Due to the allegations against a former student of Michael Elgin and Elgins potential knowledge of the incident in question, we deem it in the best interest of both Smash Wrestling and our fans to suspend Michael Elgins upcoming bookings with Smash Wrestling both on December 17th and January 21st. We at Smash Wrestling take the subject matter very seriously and will continue to monitor and stay aware of the situation as it continues to unfold.”

For their part, Limitless Wrestling said, “For two years, we’ve been striving to make Maine a wrestling destination by mixing some of the best locally with some of the best in the world. Most of all, we want to create a FUN & SAFE environment for fans and wrestlers. Michael Elgin has been pulled off of our event on 1/19.”

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