El Patron Takes More Shots At WWE

Paige tweeted several Periscope videos of Alberto El Patron from his La Cantinita restaurant in San Antonio. El Patron said he had been drinking again but didn’t need to be drunk to take shots at WWE and Triple H. This time he mentioned Triple H by name, after only alluding to him in other videos.

In the first video, he spoke about the people at his restaurant. He said some of the fans “are so dumb” because they can’t speak two languages like him. He promised he would be have and not say “stupid stuff on camera” or bash WWE anymore. He added he would say these things to Triple H to his face whether he was drinking or not. Paige reportedly seemed uncomfortable (according to Wrestling Inc) and at one point said she needed to get Del Rio off of Periscope.

He said he wasn’t cheap like new WWE talent who work for $500 per show. He asked fans to watch Impact Wrestling and spoke to Paige about how “amazing” the company was. He said Impact didn’t judge talent by their skin color like other places. At that point, Paige broke it up by reminding Del Rio that she still worked “there”, but El Patron said he wasn’t mentioning names. He said Impact treats everyone the same and doesn’t do that “bullshit anti-bullying campaign.”

He added: “You have to preach by example, Stamford! If you’re going to push an anti-bullying campaign, you have to stop bullying people! If you want to promote a no hate campaign, you need to stop doing what you’re doing and judging people by the color of their skin!

He then said he was joking, only to add, “not joking at the end of the video.”

In a second video, he called Triple H a “fucking pussy” and said all he did was “marry well.”

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