Edge Says His Injury Was A Learning Experience

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Edge spoke about his triceps tear injury that he suffered during the taping of his match at Backlash, which he called a ‘learning experience.’ Here are highlights:

On the injury he suffered: “Its OK. You know, I look at injuries and ask myself, How was it compared to the Achilles tear? [laughs]. Compared to the Achilles tear, it was nothing. There was surgery, but I know the drill. I know what I have to do, and I know you have to baby it for the first month, then I can start putting the nose to the grindstone. I can still do exercises for the rest of my body, which is good, so its just being careful. Its a learning experience, too. The doctor that did the surgery said that there was a good chance my tricep was already partially torn going into the match, so I look it as a learning experience. My elbow was sore for probably a month, but I thought it was one of those regular aches and pains. I have a bunch of floating chips in my elbow, so I told myself, Of course its going to hurt. This is a reminder that I need to listen to those things. At 46 years old, my body is trying to tell me somethings up. Now I have that knowledge going forward if somethings aching.”

On if he knew it was torn during the match: “I knew. I took an RKO, and I felt a little nauseous and I got a cold sweatnot a hot sweat. Thats generally when you know youve popped something. It wasnt all that painful in comparison to my neck pain over the years or compared to tearing both pecs or tearing my Achilles. I just thought, I might have torn it a little bit, and then I found out I tore it completely off the bone. I gauge everything to the pain of tearing my Achilles, so not a lot can compare.”

On returning at the Royal Rumble: “I can truly say that was the first day in my wrestling career when I was nervous. Even before my first match way back in WWF in 96, I wasnt nervous. I felt ready, I was confident, I was young and indestructible. This was the first time that Ive wrestled having had kids. I think that was the big thing for me. Im coming back from this injury that was supposed to be impossible to come back from, so that was on the table. And I have kids at home now. There are a lot of responsibilities involved in this, so that was really nerve-wracking, and that was foreign to me. I wasnt used to feeling nervous. Going back to Jay, that was the first time hed seen me nervous. Beth [Phoenix, my wife,] and I werent together before when I wrestled, so she didnt know what I was like. Jay knew I didnt get nervous. So when I was nervous, that changed everything for him. Even the hiding and all that, the strangest thing for me was coming to grips with having nerves for the first time. I cant say I really liked it, and Ive had them for all three matches now. I better quickly come to grips with it [laughs].”

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