DWAYNE JOHNSON: The Rock inducts Ken Shamrock into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame

Posted on 10/25/120 by Colin Vassallo

FinallyThe Rock has come to Impact Wrestling!

While it wasnt in the ring, Johnson recorded the induction
video for Ken Shamrock who was inducted into the Impact Hall
of Fame yesterday during the Countdown to Glory special on

Johnson said that when he thinks back of some of his
memorable moments in professional wrestling, there is one
man who he owes a great amount of debt and gratitude to, and
thats Ken Shamrock.

The Rock explained that when he was still cutting his teeth
as a heel in WWE, in order to be the best bad guy, he needed
the best hero, the best badass, so he could up his street
cred and that person was Ken Shamrock.
He said that Shamrock was in a point in his career where he
could have refused to work with him, just like others did,
but he didnt, and the two went on to wrestle all around the
world as he learned a great deal from him while Shamrock
took him under his wing.

He called Ken Shamrock the worlds most dangerous man, the
founding father of MMA and the UFC, and a pillar in the
greatest era of professional wrestling the Attitude Era.

My friend, my brother, congratulations on the induction
into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, Johnson said. Im
extremely proud of you and thank you so much for the
memories, thank you so much for the sweat equity and thank
you for being just an awesome dude when I needed it in my
career. I really appreciated it, very proud of you, enjoy
this and hm, you got some Teramana Tequila coming for you
and I want you to enjoy it.

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