Dustin Rhodes 8216This Double or Nothing Match Feels Like a WrestleMania Moment8217

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Dustin Rhodes ahead of this weekend’s Double or Nothing event. Rhodes will face his brother Cody Rhodes in a one-on-one match at the upcoming AEW event. Below are some highlights:

Rhodes on his Fastlane match with his brother: They gave us Fastlaneand it was a stinker. You always want to have your WrestleMania moment, but we were denied that. We were told it wasnt good enough to be on a WrestleMania.”

Rhodes on his Double or Nothing match: “Since Ive been clean and sober, I fell in love with the wrestling business all over again. These past two months have been very inspirational to me, and this Double or Nothing match feels like a WrestleMania moment for me. Im working my tail off in the gym, Ive dropped weight, and Im going to show Cody some things that Goldust has never done. Cody and I are going to step in the ring and end this for once and all. Its the biggest thing Ive ever done in the businessgreater than the Roddy Piper match from WrestleMania 12, greater than Battleground from 2013 with Cody against The Shield. This, to me, is the pinnacle, and Im not going to let anyone down. Look, this is no different than what happened when Id start a fight with my dad. He was older and wiser, and hed always win. Its the same way with me and Cody. As egotistical as my little brother is, I love him to death, but he needs to take into account that Ive traveled this world just a little more. I am the master at mind games.”

On expectations for the AEW crowd: “I dont know what to expect from the AEW crowd. Im going to show everyone the new Dustin Rhodes. I hope they accept me with open arms. I want to give back to the business, and AEW is the future. I cant wait to go out there and perform with my brother, slap him a few times to let him know who big brother is, then shake his hand and give him a hug afterward. Its a huge moment, Im grateful for it, and its going to be a lot of fun at Double or Nothing.”

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