Drew McIntyre Says He Wants To Beat John Cena, Praises Randy Orton8217s Recent Work

In an interview with Sun Sports, Drew McIntyre discussed wanting to face John Cena in a match, and also praised Randy Orton’s recent work. His comments are below.

On what he’d say to John Cena: “I would say ‘you’re the one I want to beat’. I want that name on my list. It’d be a heck of a match.”

On how Randy Orton has been on a different level recently: “He’s been on a different level for the past few months, got himself an edge. We’re really doing some cool stuff and there was so much truth involved and I think the best storylines are based in truth and right now Randy’s really stepped up. Randy not trying is not the best in the world or Randy all about himself or when you know he’s not trying, to everyone else it will make it will look like this guy’s incredible. But right now he’s on fire he’s giving it everything and the fact that I’m getting to go up against him now and really test myself.”

“I set my goals really high and I consider Randy Orton one of the best of all time, certainly one of the best, if not the best, in the company, and I want to step up to his level. And I want to step above his level.”

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