Drew McIntyre Says He Didnt Have Perspective In His First WWE Run

– Drew McIntyre spoke with the State Journal-Register for a new interview discussing the problems he had during his first WWE run and more. Highlights are below:

On not having perspective during his first run in WWE: I never really had perspective, or I lost perspective, that I was actually living my dream. I had my dream job. … I thought I was giving 100 percent, but I really wasnt giving 100 percent, especially outside the ring. It wasnt until my lifes dream was taken away from me that I realized, Wow, you really werent giving everything you could.’ I was immature. I came straight from university. I came straight from my parents home, where they told me what to do, and the university told me what to do, and WWE told me what to do. When I was released, for the first time I was in control of my next move, and I said, All right, its put up or shut up time.

On straightening people out in WWE today: I can look around now and see people who have lost perspective. Theyre perhaps tweeting about how upset they are and their lack of opportunity instead of bettering themselves or working harder outside of the ring. Theyre clearly not going to the gym and they dont have that fire anymore, and I understand it because I was there. And I can spot it because I was that guy…Its my job and my characters job to get rid of those who dont necessarily have that fire and remind me of my younger self.

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