Drake Maverick on How Someone Once Mistook Him for Braun Strowman8217s Child

– WWE released a video where Braun Strowman, Drake Maverick and Elias eat some Jack in the Box Tiny Tacos and talk about their wrestling careers. You can check out that video below. During the video, Maverick reveals he was once confused as being the son of Braun Strowman.
Asked by Elias to share something interesting, Drake revealed that he was once mistaken for being Braun’s child.

During the video, Elias asked if the two had any interesting stories when they walk into the gym together. Drake Maverick stated, “I remember once walking into the gym, and we asked, you know, ‘Do you do day passes?’ Braun took over the conversation, and then the woman goes, ‘Yep. You and your son have a good day.'”

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