Dolph Ziggler On The Possibility Of John Morrison Returning To WWE

In an interview with TalkSport, Dolph Ziggler spoke about the possibility that John Morrison will return to WWE, which has been rumored for months. Here are highlights:

On John Morrison: “I keep hearing that too! What the hell? He’s a friend of mine. We hang out and do things together. I just did a little cameo in a short movie he did a couple of weeks ago and then he posted these pictures of the two of us, and then I posted them like ‘this is cool’. Then everyone is like ‘Confirmed! These guys are a tag team, they’re dressing like double dragon, they’re back!’ And I’m like ‘guys’ [laughs]. He’s a friend of mine and I was doing him a favour. He keeps it under his coat about what he’s doing but for three years he’s been telling me he’s coming back! So, I don’t know if he’s messing with me or what so I stopped asking him. I hope he comes back. It’s been a really longtime, it’ll be so refreshing to see him. He and I 10 years ago on these overseas tours, we’d either start the show or wrestle before the intermission, first-half main event, where we were given free reign to tear it down and have a blast. Hopefully he’s back soon, I don’t know.”

On how Morrison keeps himself busy: “He stays busy and he stays jacked, too. He’s another guy I gravitate to because he does outside projects to make himself better. Always looking to make a movie, always looking to do something bigger and better, goes to acting classes how do you not gravitate towards people who want to be that extra piece of successful other than being good at your job?”

On the worst thing Vince McMahon has ever said to him: “Oh, boy. I can’t say those things! It’s very passionate in the backstage Gorilla Position where something either really special happens or it doesn’t. And, of course, as much as I brag about being great, I’ve been yelled at a million times because you either went the wrong direction or did something or went heavy [on time]. Something along the lines of ‘This isn’t the Attitude Era, you can’t just go as long as you want out there’, with some yelling back and forth between us.”

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