Details On Original Plan For Bray Wyatt Prior To Bischoff and Heyman Signing

Bray Wyatt has returned to WWE TV with a new variation on his character, a kind of demented children’s television host, but he has yet to actually wrestle in the ring. According to WrestleVotes, the plan was for Wyatt to eventually make his in-ring debut and wrestle with the new character at Summerslam. However, this was before the arrival of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the new executive directors of RAW and Smackdown, respectively. As we previously noted, whatever plans were in place for that event are likely to change with the recent overhaul to creative.

The report reads: “Getting a ton of questions re: Bray Wyatt. I know this – prior to Bischoff & Heyman taking over, the plan was for him to redebut & wrestle AT SummerSlam. I cant confirm if any of that has changed. Im confident hell be at SummerSlam. Whether thats his first appearance is TBD.

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