Demolition Address Their WWE Hall of Fame Prospects, Why They Weren8217t a Carbon Copy of the Road Warriors recently spoke to former WWE Superstars Ax and Smash of Demolition at the 80’s WrestlingCon. During the interview, they were asked about their WWE Hall of Fame prospects. Below are some highlights from

Smash on getting to work with such great tag teams in their careers: “We’re lucky enough to wrestle the greatest tag teams ever and now that we’re a little bit older, you look back at some of the matches we had and everything, we were very lucky to be able to work with those guys. It was a great life; when people come up to you and say, ‘Hey, I remember that match at the Sky Dome!’ It makes you feel good because they felt good.”

Ax on how it wasn’t really a job: “It wasn’t a job, it was getting paid to go out, and perform, and have fun, and you have fond memories. You try to pick out one or two and it’s just impossible.”

Ax on the WWE Hall of Fame: “We just have to figure out – we have to make enough money to buy a ticket. We can’t get in without buying a ticket.”

Smash’s thoughts on the topic: “You never know what’s going to happen.”

Ax on the Road Warriors/LOD and the passing of Hawk: “[They’re] good friends of ours. It’s sad about Hawk [passing] but we see Animal around these events quite often.”

Smash on why he thinks Demolition wasn’t a carbon copy of the Road Warriors: “I don’t think we were [a carbon copy]. We looked different, we wrestled different than they were. They were a great tag team, and like Ax was saying, very good friends of ours. We do miss Hawk a lot, too.”

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