David Starr Stomps on UK Title During OTT WrestleRama 3

– David Starr may not have walked away from his match with WALTER at OTT WrestleRama 3 victorious, but he made quite a statement by stomping on the WWE UK Title. Starr earned a hefty reaction from the crowd as he took the championship belt, which WALTER holds, and dropped it on the ground to step on. That earned him a powerbomb from the champion, as you can see in the below videos.

Starr, who has been building his name on controversy by calling out ROH owners Sinclair for their politics and slamming Jim Cornette for a clip of Cornette using racial slurs, also drew the attention of former UK Champion Pete Dunne by his actions at WrestleRama 3. Dunne took to Twitter to reference Starr’s “#WeTheIndependent” campaign for indy wrestling, as you can see below:

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