Daniel Bryan Shares His Reaction to Vince McMahon Wanting Roman Reigns to Be The Next John Cena

– During his appearance on E&Cs Pod of Awesomeness (via stillrealtous.com), Daniel Bryan spoke about a conversation with Vince McMahon around WrestleMania XXX. McMahon told Daniel Bryan at that time that they would be making Roman Reigns the next top face of the company, here is Bryans take on the conversation

You know, we really want to push Roman to be the next John Cena Vince said.

Boss, I one hundred percent support that, but I just want you to know that I want to be the next John Cena, Daniel Bryan replied.

Im the man. I want you to push me. To be honest with you sir, thats great that you want that for him, Bryan told Vince. I want to be the next John Cena, and Im going to push myself to be that person.

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