Daniel Bryan Rates Sami Zayn8217s Talking Smack CoHost Work

Daniel Bryan knows a thing or two about hosting Talking Smack, and weighed in on Sami Zayn’s co-hosting run on a 0 – 10 scale. Zayn has been hosting the last couple of weeks and Bryan, who previously was a co-host with Renee Young during the show’s original run, was a guest on this week’s show.

Following the show, Kayla Braxton shared a photo where Zayn graded himself as a 10/10 while Bryan gave him a not quite as high (but still quite good) 8/10:

“FYI – @SamiZayn gave himself a 10/10 for his #TalkingSmack co-hosting duties (of course), but @WWEDanielBryan gave him a more accurate score, which I still think was a little high.”

Zayn retweeted the post and added:

“I’ve been really great on Talking Smack these past two weeks, just like I have been great on SmackDown since coming back. I’m kind of on fire. Not bragging, you know, just saying that I’m really good at everything when it comes to wrestling.”

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