DAGA Hasn8217t Heard Anything About Lucha Underground Season 5

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, DAGA spoke about representing Lucha Underground at Impact Wrestling’s upcoming United We Stand event and the possibility of a fifth season of the show. Here are highlights:

On a new season of Lucha Underground: “We finished Season 4 in 2018. To be honest, I don’t hear anything yet but I hope they come back to do another season.”

On United We Stand: “I’m gonna represent the Lucha Underground team with my friendsand face the top guys on Impact. It’s a pleasure to me to face the champion, Johnny Impact, and top guys like Eddie Edwards.”

On if team Lucha Underground beats Impact: “Man, if that happens it’s gonna be huge. I’m sure we can do that as we have the advantage that we are really fast while they are big guys. If we go to Impact and beat the Impact team, that would be huge.”

On if he’s had any talks with AEW: “Not really. My way into the States was a little different because when they did Lucha Underground I had a knee injury that took me outside the ring for a long time. I’m working with Impact now a couple of days, but I hope at one point I can be full-time. The only thing I want is to grow in the American market now.”

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