CREATIVE CONTROL Episode 121 with Raven

Posted on 5/14/119 by Joseph Feeney

On episode 121 of Creative Control with Joe Feeney, he's
here! Former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and the
host of The Raven Effect podcast, RAVEN is on Creative
Control! I tried to stray from the usual wrestling
questions, so we get a variety, a cornucopia if you will, of
Raven's thoughts on a variety of subjects, including:

- how Point Break and others movies inspired the Raven
- his musicial influences including The Doors, Led Zeppelin,
Nirvana, STP, AIC, and more!
- his favorite and least favorite concerts he's ever been to
- his thoughts on the current season of Game Of Thrones, and
his love for the show 12 Monkeys
- comic books, his favorites, and what ended his comic
reading habit
- acting in the movies "Sleeper" and "Death Racers"
- Watchmen, the movie, and the upcoming show on HBO
- how he became involved in stand up comedy
- Using DDP Yoga and learning...hypnosis?!
- working with Billy Corgan at Resistance Pro Wrestling, and
almost working with him in TNA
- working with Paul Heyman in ECW, and who else he felt
"got" the Raven character
- his thoughts on his podcast, "The Raven Effect," and the
podcasting genre in general

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