Court Bauer Says Jim Cornette Has Been a Big Impact on MLW

– Court Bauer spoke with Wrestling Inc’s WINCLY podcast discussing MLW’s focus on lucha libre, Jim Cornette’s work in the company and more. Highlights are below:

On their MLW shows in Chicago selling out: “Yeah we typically sold out twice on Saturday, we sold out in the morning and then we sold out – we made some room, production kind of squeezed a little bit more so we can add some chairs in, and then we sold out a second time. So, really had a great Saturday in Chicago, Cicero Stadium is awesome. We wanted back-to-back sellouts, sold out in November, sold out in March, and we’re going to go for the three-peat, July sixth when we return to Cicero Stadium.”

On the promotion’s spotlight on lucha libre: “One hundred percent, we look for – you know, we were just talking to a company out of Mexico, called Generation that LA Park works with. And we’re always looking for the next wave of luchadors, the top luchadors, the legends, like LA Park, the up-and-coming guys.”

On highlighting various aspects of wrestling: “50-60% of our audience, in most markets, not all markets but most markets, it’s Mexican-American, Spanish-speaking, bilingual sometimes, fans. So, you know, you’ve got to represent that in the product. And then you also have to balance it with different things. We have a ten-year UFC veteran in Tom Lawlor, we have guys like the Hart foundation, we have guys like MJF, so we just have a little bit of everything and I think that’s always important to have a little bit of everything so everyone’s got something. Variety is important to me, whether it’s super heavyweights like Ace Romero and Barrington Hughes, or guys like Fenix and Penta that can just go [in the ring].”

On Jim Cornette joining the commentary team: “I always wanted to add depth, whether it’s expanding our programming or expanding our content. So it’s important that we have enough guys in the mix to do that, and Jim Cornette just brings so much credibility, so witty, and I really wanted a traditional play-by-play, straight man do a color analyst with a heel lean…You never know what’s going to work out with the schedule, but I always like to, you know, bulk up my bullpen, and with Jim added there, it was great. It was a very easy conversation with Jim, it was maybe two phone calls and it was a done deal. But I go way back with Jim and it was great having him there, it was great having his presence backstage, giving input, advice, suggestions, and just kind of freestyling and collaborating.”

On Cornette’s impact on the talent: “He was a part of production meetings, he had his own team for pre-tapes on Sunday, he had an open invitation for a promo class which ended up being a sold out class and it wasn’t mandatory. Hey, if you want to come by on Sunday morning and pick up a few things, Jim Cornette was happy to sit down and have that conversation. And it was a passed sold out room, we probably should have charge admission. And it was great to see him, he really worked well with a lot of young talent. This is the guy that really developed and furthered some key guys that, to this day, are drawing some of the biggest money in the business, whether it’s John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, the list goes on and on. And he’s done this for decades.”

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