Corey Graves Still Stands By Bill DeMott, Says 8216Coaching8217 Is Now Considered 8216Bullying8217

Corey Graves’ Twitter account was full of headlines on Sunday, with the announcer taking a moment to comment on bullying and Bill DeMott. Graves, who also stirred controversy earlier in the day after being perceived as insulting people on food stamps, posted again and talked about how what used to be called “coaching” and “motivation” is now called “bullying.”

After a follower told Graves that it “perhaps…isn’t the best hill to die on” and pointed out Bill DeMott’s history with allegations of abusing trainees while he was in charge of WWE’s developmental system, Graves responded saying, “I still stand by Bill DeMott” and that he believes he ended up better for being under DeMott’s training You can see his posts below:

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