Cook8217s ROH TV Review 9.19.20

Hey kids! We’re in the second week of the ROH Pure Wrestling Tournament, and we’ve got two matches that are pretty darn compelling. We got a 4th generation wrestler against a man that wrestled for ROH back in the day. Then we have two men that took different paths but broke into the business with each other and are back together now. What else can I say but LET’S HOOK EM UP!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.19.20

– Oh I do love the video package they’re using at the start of this show.

– Quinn McKay welcomes us to Week 2 of the ROH Pure Wrestling Tournament. We get a look at the conclusion of Jay Lethal vs. Dalton Castle. Lethal had comments. He wanted some fans there, it was tough without them, but he’s on his way to being the first ever 2-time ROH Pure Champion. He speculates on his next opponent. He wants either David Finlay or Rocky Romero, as they’ll both take him to the limit. Then we see the closing moments of Gresham vs. Yuta, and Gresham’s comments. He was meant to do something important, which wasn’t clear until he joined ROH. He will reshape this company from the ground up. Pure wrestlers will be victorious.

– Quinn hypes our upcoming matches. Our main event will have two wrestlers that faced off in their first match twenty years ago. I’m personally hyped for that one because I saw those guys back in the day, but this first match should be interesting too!

– David Finlay is a 4th generation wrestler from a 100% wrestling family. He’s been wrestling for NJPW since 2015. They humble you, break you down and make you start from ground zero. He was in an ROH ring in Kouraken Hall, and needed surgery afterwards. It’s a chance to redeem himself. Rocky Romero is his mentor. He had to wash his clothes. He knows what makes Rocky tick. He knows Rocky’s moves before he makes them. He’s been working on a leg submission. He should use it on Rocky. He likes the Pure rules, as he thinks he’s the best man.

– Rocky Romero has some accolades. He’s a fan of the Pure title and what it stands for. He trained in the NJPW dojo, MMA, ju-jitsu, kick boxing has prepared him. He puts over what David Finlay has grown into, and says he will have to out-smart him. He’ll use his quickness and his intelligence. He can out-submission him. This old dog has a couple of tricks left.

David Finlay vs. Rocky Romero: The King of Sneaky Style enters first. Got some good looking stats on his side, all of which I have to question. David’s stats seem easier to believe. Finlay definitely has the size & weight advantage. You know these guys will work a classic style. Romero looking for that arm bar early, which led to a rope break for Finlay. He has two left. Rocky back to an armbar and fortunately Finlay worked out of it. Suplex by Finlay gets two. Snap mare into a chinlock by Finlay. I like how Ian & Caprice are putting over how the lack of crowd makes these wrestlers get back to the Pure basics. That’s why this is the perfect tournament to run. We return to these boys working submission holds. Springboard DDT by Rocky. he’s working that previous Finlay shoulder injury. Big ol armbar off the top. Springboard double stomp gets two. No sliced bread, but a slam into the ropes! Finlay working on the leg, and applies an Indian Deathlock! Rocky tried to work out, couldn’t, and had to use the rope break. We’re far along here in the time limit. Now we’re facing off with forearms. Sliced bread in the middle of the ring getd two, and Rocky is issued a warning with a closed fist! Diablo armbar by Rocky in the middle of the ring, and Finlay has to use that second rope break. Sliced bread answered with a backbreaker by Finlay for 2. He hits a last shot to get the three count!

Winner: David Finlay
Star Rating: ***

– Great showing by the 4th generation Finlay to start the tournament. His match with Jay Lethal should be OFF THE CHAIN.

– Matt Sydal is winning every game in this tournament. He got the feel for the ground when he was an amateur wrestler. He also took tae kwon do. He has a loaded foot now, but it means he has to suffer for the victory. He’s not afraid to do that. He puts over ROH. It wasn’t until he met Delirious that he had his eyes opened. The only person that pushed him to get him out of his comfort zone, that believed in him, was Delirious. He’s wrestling himself, but in a fun house mirror. He feels a debt to his mentors, and his fans from the past to bring in the Pure Championship. His name is Matt Sydal, come see what he’s saying. Is he with Vincent?

– Delirious has subtitles! This is a first! He has vast experience and style, does not think like other wrestlers, has never held an ROH championship, no crowd to make him laugh. He started out with Matt Sydal. They’ve both won some, but it’s been a long time. He knows Sydal better than anyone. He’s doing this because he’s bored and wants to play chess with the best in the world.

– I have no idea who will move on here, as I know AEW has respect for Sydal since they ret-conned his botch. I also know these two men broke in together. So…who knows?

Delirious vs. Matt Sydal: You know the first time Delirious got a chance to wrestle Matt, he would take it. Sydal is 11-4 against Delirious in all recorded matches, 5-2 in ROH. Love those ROH stats! Of course they adhere to the Code of Honor. Some exchanges to start, and these men made the most of their quarantine because they are in great shape. Standoff. Man, these guys cutting a pace here. Must feel like wrestling school back in the day for them. Sydal with a Barely Legal armlock like he’s Barry Darsow. There’s a rope break, well maybe not, Todd Sinclair still calling it, but Delirious is using it to work over Sydal’s shoulder. He knows this man’s injury history. During the break Delirious had to use that second rope break. Now Delirious is using a short arm scissor lock, Sydal works out of it. Double clothesline, Sydal gets a 2.8 count. Another move on Delirious’s knees gets 2.9. Sydal kicking away. Delirious goes for that cobra clutch, Sydal fights out but gets planted, and there’s that clutch again. Series of nearfalls, then Sydal locks in a cobra clutch of his own! Delirious taps!

Winner: Matt Sydal
Match Rating: ***1/2

– Of course the Code of Honor was adhered to afterwards. Delirious knew his great opponent got the better of him there. As a fan…just awesome to see this match in 2020.

The 411
Two very good matches here, surrounded by good video packages explaining the connections between the men in the matches. I'll probably go high with the rating here, but I really enjoyed the in-ring action and the build to it. Sadly, both winners here got bad draws in the next round, so we'll see how that goes for them.

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