Cody Says Ring of Honor Is in Its Golden Age, Talks 8216All In8217 Progress

– Cody spoke with The Ledger about Ring of Honor’s Golden Age, his All In show and more. Highlights are below:

On now being the Golden Age of Ring of Honor: Some people will tell you it (The Golden Age) was when there were just 20 people watching Bryan Danielson (now current WWE performer Daniel Bryan) back in the day. Youre right, it is a Golden Age. Its amazing how the foresight of the people who run ROH, to basically let me and the current Bullet Club do whatever we want and have it able to cross the streams with BTE and with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Its created a really fun environment and not to mention the Ring of Honor roster.

On today being a great time to be a wrestling fan: I think its the best time to be a wrestling fan since maybe 1998. Its absolutely the best time since then. Its the most challenging time to be a wrestler in a very long time. Ive been telling people, perception is no longer reality with what we do. Reality is reality. In 1980 you could say you were the best in the world. Then you had another guy saying it two states over. Now you cant do that. Youve got to be brought to the level of the highest performing wrestler.

On his All In show: Its really, really exciting. Everyday its something new. I have no complaints about the experience. Its going to be arduous, because we have different ideas (Matt and Nick) about what we like. We try to have a three-thumbs up vote for something to be on the show. I try to channel my inner Eddie Graham, and my inner Dusty Rhodes to see how can I make this two or three hours the most exciting wrestling I can give to these people.

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