Cody Reveals His Top 5 Best Wrestlers In The World

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Cody revealed his pick for the top five wrestlers in the world. Cody himself was #1, which he explained earlier this month. Here are highlights:

On the top five best wrestlers: “In the modern era of reality is reality versus perception is reality, it’s simple. I am the best in the world. It’s 1: Cody; 2: Kenny [Omega]; 3: [Kazuchika] Okada; 4: Charlotte; 5: [John] Cena, with [Will] Ospreay creeping up on the list. It’s my responsibility with the event to live up to that ranking. I am unbelievably good at this, because of hard work and dedication.”

On Marty Scurll being added to his ROH World title match: “I think Marty being included in this match is wonderful. He supersedes the ‘junior’ qualification. He has a great fan base. But Marty is Prince Lotor. He sits at my table, but doesn’t eat first. I do. Daddy eats first.”

On the Bullet Club: “As the leader of the Bullet Club, I can’t slow down now. I am an example for everybody who thought just slapping the Bullet Club logo on you would define your career. The Bullet Club keeps New Japan Pro Wrestling in the black. Far in the black. Because of me. I’m a part-timer in that company and I hold the Tokyo Dome merchandising record and Osaka’s. Funkos. Bucks on a career run. This Bullet Club may never be topped.”

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