Cody On AEW Giving Wrestlers Creative Freedom, Why AEW Allows Talent To Work For Other Promotions

In a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Cody discussed AEW giving wrestlers creative freedom, allowing contracted talent to work for other promotions, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Cody on AEW giving wrestlers creative freedom: “TV time isn’t cheap, as far as the economics of wrestling television time and in terms of how large a responsibility that is. So, with that in mind, if you’re put in that spot – if you’re in the golden segment, the open segment of Dynamite, or if you’re anywhere on Dynamite – we trust that you’re skill set is there. We trust that when the red light goes on, you’re gonna glow up and not gonna shrink down. That trust is what begets creative freedom.

“There are a few in the mix that are in developmental type stages, and we’re really good about proactively being with them and trying things out – a little bit of trial by fire, but also providing a little bit of structure. I think that’s something that I offer to the mix as an executive – maybe that’s my specialty. I like to offer structure to those who don’t have any, and I love seeing it succeed. That’s just as good of a feeling as when you get a pop in your own match is to see one when you came up with that little thing and no one knows. That’s a special thing, and you have to have that structure. To those who have superseded that structure, you have to allow them to be free.”

On AEW allowing contracted talent to work for other promotions: “You can’t put a saddle on a mustang. People need this. They want to experience other worlds, and no contract in AEW is a blanket contract. Everybody can go different places – the bridges are down, the doors are open. I know the classic saying in wrestling is perception is reality, but in 2020 or 2021, it kind of feels like reality is reality because we can see so many more wrestlers via social media and these different platforms. You can’t just say you’re the best anymore, you have to get out there. I love when Jon [Moxley] makes a move out there and does something like that. He always represents AEW really highly because he always represents himself really highly. So, that was a cool thing, and I think you’ll see that as long as AEW is around. I can never see the doors closing or the bridges going up. It’s just not the type of culture Tony [Khan] has helped create or the type of place we work.”

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