CM Punk Says He Liked Hulk Hogan Less After Meeting Him

– It’s clear at this point that CM Punk is not a Hulkamaniac, something he reinforced in a new interview With Windy City LIVE. In the video, which you can see below, Punk answered a series of questions about his career and when asked who his favorite wrestler was growing up, said “‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, hands down.”

The interviewer said that he thought that he would pick Hogan, saying, “Everybody loves that guy!” Punk said “No, I wasn’t a Hogan guy.” When asked if he’s met Hogan, he answered, “I’ve met him, and I like him even less now.” After the interviewer expresses dismay, Punk concludes with a “F**k Hogan.”

Punk has expressed his disapproval for Hogan before, and Hogan told Steve Austin on his podcast that Punk was angry that Hogan didn’t say hello to him at the Raw 15th Anniversary special in 2007.

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