CM Punk On His MMA Future, Walking Away From Wrestling, Piledriving John Cena 038 More in New Q038A

CM Punk did a new Q&A on his Twitter account and discussed if he plans to continue his MMA career, his best moment in wrestling and more. You can see a sampling of his answers below, where he said that Dominik Mysterio (or “Prince Mysterio”) is WWE’s standout superstar and that there is no “next mega star” in wrestling.

Punk also noted that he’s still training for MMA, but that the COVID-19 pandemic is “making it very hard.” Asked what his best moment in wrestling was, he noted it was “Finally doing right by me for the first time and walking away.” And when asked if he got any heat backstage in WWE for his piledriver to John Cena, he said, “I mean, people were mad but if you really think about it theyre big babies.”

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