CHYNA: Trailer for Wrestling with Chyna documentary released

Posted on 4/21/117 by Colin Vassallo The trailer of Wrestling with Chyna, the documentary that
was being shot on the former WWE Womens and
Intercontinental champion before she passed away, has been
released on YouTube today by director Erik Angra.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the documentary with a goal
of $10,000 was reached in July 2015 with nearly $13,000
collected. The documentary followed Chyna across the United
States as she chronicled her history, rediscovering herself
with the media and critics, and trying to get her life back
on track again.

Unfortunately, Chyna passed away in April of last year and
the discovery of her body was all caught on tape. The ending
of the trailer for the documentary shows her manager,
Anthony Anzaldo, opening the door of her Redondo Beach
apartment and calling her name before it fades to black.

The documentary was originally titled the Reconstruction of
Chyna but it was changed to Wrestling with Chyna following
her death.

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