Chris Jericho Didn8217t Think Randy Orton Would Actually Leave WWE

As we previously reported, Randy Orton announced that he has signed a new deal with WWE, although he’d previously teased jumping ship to AEW on social media. In an interview with SportsKeeda, Chris Jericho explained why he didn’t think that Orton was actually going to end up in AEW after all. Here are highlights:

On WWE and AEW stars interacting: “Sure, anytime there’s an option and it gives people a chance to take sides it’s exciting. Am I going to be involved? I don’t argue with people on Twitter, I just say what I mean to people’s faces you know? The one or two things that I’ve said that are kind of anti-WWE weren’t really planned at all, they just kind of happened due to what was going on and what I was doing in the ring. So, if those guys want to fight, or bicker as you said, then go for it. It just creates more passion, shall we say, and more relevance and more of a battle, I guess, more excitement. All of those sorts of things and if people want to get involved that way and get behind it ‘ooh, did you hear what he said’ then more power to them.”

On if he cares about what WWE does: “I don’t really care, I mean that’s up to you guys to decide. What AEW should focus on is putting on the best show possible and if people are talking s— and you want to respond to it then that’s fine too because so far the four weeks of television we’ve had have been great, the ratings have been awesome, the demo has been insanely great. So, whatever. For me it’s like, you can analyze it and say you should do this or you should do that. All we should do is continue to do what we’re doing to remain a very popular show that’s in competition with nobody. We didn’t start this war, if that’s what you want to call it, we didn’t start this competition, we’re just doing our own thing. If there are contenders at the door knocking and trying to get into our world, that’s fine.”

On how to improve AEW: “But to me the most important thing is what are we doing right as a company? What are we doing wrong as a company? What can we do better? Once again we’ve got four weeks of television under our belts, it’s not like we’ve had ten years of experience, or eight years of experience or whatever, to get everybody on the same page. Of course, there’s going to be some growing pains but so far the numbers tell the tale of what’s going on. So, whether you want to say something about it or don’t’ say something about it, or concentrate on something else, or concentrate on this, either way we’re doing really, really well and we’re going to continue to do well, so say what you want to say, I don’t give a s—.”

On Randy Orton: “I can’t say anything about it because I don’t know anything about it, no one’s calling me to tell me about these things. But I know thisnobody is getting out of WWE, especially Randy Orton, because unless he’s very, very committed to saying ‘I don’t care if you pay me 20 gazillion dollars I’m leaving,’ that’s not what he’s doing. I mean, obviously Vince is going to pay millions and millions of dollars to not have Randy Orton go.”

On other WWE names joining AEW: “There are some other guys but we’re not trying to be old-school TNA where anybody that wants to leave WWE comes to AEW, that’s not what we’re looking to do. Obviously there’s Jon Moxley that when they become available [we sign them]. And Moxley was one of those guys who said ‘I’m out of here, I don’t care what you pay me’ and didn’t even look at the offer they gave him. That’s because he was done and ready to go. If you’re using AEW to make more money off of Vince, go for it! That’s great too but it’s not like we’re taking everybody that’s going to leave WWE to come to AEW. Because those guys who are working WWE now, they got huge raises, and if they were on the Indy circuit they wouldn’t be making 500 bucks a night. The point is that Vince just doesn’t want anybody to leave WWE because it looks like an exodus if they do and makes us look even cooler. We do things our way, we’ve got a great roster of guys and if somebody becomes available that really wants to be with us and we think that they fit our vibe then we’ll take them. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to get millions and millions of dollars to come because once again, that’s not what we’re doing. I think we’ve assembled an awesome roster with at least ten to twelve potential main eventers and we have to build all those guys up first to build up all the mid-card guys, and then build up all the opening match guys to create stars. That’s what we have to do, quickly, create stars. And once we do that we’ll be even higher up the food chain than we are now.”

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