Chris Jericho 038 Kenny Omega Discuss How They Used Social Media To Start Their WK 12 Feud

– On a recent episode of Talk is jericho (transcript via, discussing how they used social media to build to their match at WrestleKingdom 12. Here are some highlights

Jericho on Not Being Sure How to Tell WWE: “I didn’t even know the reaction of the WWE because I had to tell them,” Jericho said. “I didn’t know if they were going to tell me to go f**k myself or what I would do in that situation, but once we went to get it hammered out I had an idea in mind [of how to approach them regarding the match].”

Jericho on Getting The feud Started on Social media: “In New York City, you [Omega], me, and Don [Callis] came up with an idea to post a tweet first to make it organic where Jericho and Kenny are getting into this ‘issue’ with each other,” Jericho said. “What I did was, I had my friend Jeff, who lives in Las Vegas, who is also from Winnipeg. I told him that I wanted him to send a tweet out at 12:01 in the evening about just watching a match between Okada and Kenny Omega and how Kenny Omega is the ‘Best in the World.’ I was like, ‘Best in the World? He’s not even the best in Winnipeg.’ Then you responded about never meeting your heroes because they’re corporate stooges, which then got it up and running.”

Omega on The Subtle Way It Started: “This is coming up off of when Cody [Rhodes] and the Young Bucks did the fake Invasion angle, and a lot of the WWE guys were responding on Twitter using social media saying dastardly things to one another, so this was commonplace. People take to social media now and are not afraid to tag someone in a derogatory comment or not afraid to mention someone,” Omega said. “I liked how it was subtle, and people were wondering if this was really a thing, we don’t know, because it could be anything. I remember at one point where people were getting into fantasy booker mode so I really had to side rail this thing and pull it off the tracks, so I remember putting the tweet out where there isn’t going to be a payoff so just f**k off buddy.”

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