Chris Bey Thinks It Will Be Beneficial To Both If NJPW And Impact Repair Their Relationshi

In an interview with Fightful, Chris Bey spoke about the possibility of NJPW and Impact Wrestling fixing their strained working relationship and how it could be beneficial to both companies. Here are highlights:

On taking part in the NJPW Super J-Cup: “Yeah. So, I was originally, when I was approached by New Japan officials, it was presented to me as I was reading the message and scrolling down, Im saying like, Yeah, this is a cool idea. But, I work for IMPACT! I dont know if you know this or not, but I work for IMPACT! As I get to the bottom, Yeah, weve already spoken with Scott and Scotts cool with it. So, Im like, Oh, well. There it is, right there. If Scotts cool with it, Im cool with it. So, were going to make it happen. Then it dawned on me, Man, not only am I participating in this prestigious tournament, but I also am going to be kind of that test to start rebuilding, like you said, Rebuilding that bridge and that working relationship with IMPACT! and New Japan.”

On representing Impact and hoping the Impact/NJPW relationship improves: So, to be that representative, for me, was almost cooler than being in the actual tournament because I know that, as much as I love to be like, Im Chris Bey and I want to be the World Champion and Im going to be X-Division Champion again at Hard To Kill on January 16th, as much as I love to be that guy. I love to be the guy who also helps more people get more opportunities. So, for me, if Im gonna be the guy who helps build this bridge, now all these other great performers can go over there and do things with New Japan and live out their dreams and do stuff thats gonna be not only very inspiring and very historical for their own life and their own personal goals, but build these dream match scenarios for fans. The fans can enjoy it and be like, Oh, Ace Austin versus this person, or [Rohit Raju] and this person, or Eddie Edwards back over, or however its going to end up going.

Its going to give people that opportunity to just create and do new stuff and do more stuff and Im more about that than I am about my own selfish gain. So, when I realized that, okay, Im going to be representing IMPACT! wrestling in this tournament. Im like, This is dope. Because if I do a good job, which I try to always do, try to do a good job, it can be the start of something beautiful again, you know? Providing more people that opportunity. So, I just was blessed with the opportunity to do it and Im glad that the company has enough faith in me, that Scott had enough faith in me and New Japan wanted to have me and I would love to do it again.”

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