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Chris Masters Shares Who Came Up With His Masterpiece Nickname

Chris Masters sat down with Something to Wrestle With Revisited to discuss his run with WWE.

During it, he revealed that it was Matt Morgan who came up with the name Masterpiece for him:

I showed up at OVW and Dr. Tom told me one day my name is Chris Masters, he shared. Im like, Ok, I guess my name is Chris Masters.

I remember sitting around somebodys living room. Im pretty sure it was me, Matt Morgan, Johnny Jeter, and maybe Mickie James, I dont know. We had a good little group down there. We all used to hang out and it was real tight. It was like college. OVW was like college.

Matt dropped Masterpiece, and it was like the lightbulb went off. You watch wrestling your whole life, and its like, Masterpiece Chris Masters. It fits so perfectly.

I realized fairly quickly in OVW the perception of me was I was a body guy. I was like a Luger, a Warrior, or Rick Rude. Specifically, I guess, I reminded Vince of Paul Orndorff quite a bit. That was a thing I came to know quite early. It fit perfectly. I loved it. I brought it to Jim Cornette. He loved it and he started calling me The Masterpiece Chris Masters on television, so we rolled with it and WWE rolled with it.

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