Charlotte Flair Says She Declined Working in Tonights Tag Title Match

– WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair revealed on her Twitter today why she’s not taking part in the Elimination Chamber match for tonight’s tag team titles. You can check out her thoughts on the matter below.

Charlotte Flair stated: “I’ve had quite a few people ask why I’m not competing in the Women’s Tag Team title match in the chamber. Quick answer: Quite a few of the girls asked if I’d like to partner up, but I chose to decline. It’s not like me to take an opportunity away from someone who deserves it”

– WWE has a new fan poll up asking the WWE Universe which tag team has the advantage ahead of tonight’s match for the Smackdown tag team titles. 61 percent of fans voted for the following option, “The Usos. Their lifetime of experience together gives them a definitive upper hand heading into Sunday.” The other 39 percent voted: “Shane McMahon & The Miz. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions are rolling like virtually no one else in WWE right now.”

– WWE released a new video preview for tonight’s Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Championship. You can check out the match preview below. Daniel Bryan defends his title against AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, and Samoa Joe.

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