Charlotte Flair Celebrates 5 Years on Main Roster

– Charlotte Flair celebrated five years for her on the WWE main roster today on Twitter. Flair debuted on the main roster back on July 13th, 2015, alongside Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. She tweeted several photos and videos from her five years on the main roster as well, including a backstage shot of her getting a hug from Vince McMahon.

“Happy 5 Year Anniversary @wwe and @WWEUniverse! This means more to me than I can put into words.

I am 1000000% in my feels and will be posting pictures all day. If you have an issue with that, I would suggest the unfollow or mute buttons.

Thank you, all of you, so much”

“I have loved every single second of the last 5 years ”

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