Cardona On If He Went Into AEW With a Chip On His Shoulder, Proving His Supporters Right

AEW newcomer Matt Cardona spoke with Busted Open Radio discussing his AEW arrival and more. Cardona was asked by Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca if he was going into AEW with a chip on his shoulder regarding his time in WWE as Zack Ryder and how he’s finding his motivation. Cardona said that he’s less concerned about the past or his haters than his supporters and the future.

As previously noted, Cardona has confirmed that he hasn’t yet signed a long-term deal but has said that’s a goal. You can check out the highlights below:

On if he feels like he’s going into AEW with a chip on his shoulder: “Not really, because what’s the point to live in the past and be [bitter]? Of course, I recognize what has happened before, and obviously you know, there’s a little fuel there. There I don’t like, ‘Pour me, I wish I could’ve done this, I should’ve done this.’ You can’t change the past anyway. So all I’m thinking about is Dynamite, next week’s Dynamite, over and over and over. Just the future, because looking back, it’ll get you nowhere.”

On wanting to prove his supporters right: “The proving the people wrong, like that’s going to happen, right? But I just want to prove all of the supporters right. And I know that sounds like, ‘Bleh.’ It almost makes me want to puke even saying it but it’s true. I just want to prove to people who supported me. I can’t deal, I can’t waste time with the haters. Even like, you know, last week after Dynamite I didn’t even want to check social media. Because of course, there’s going to be some trolls in there. I knew it was a great night, I don’t need to read a bunch of people hating on it, you know what I’m saying? So, I’m more concerned about the people who care about me, who want me to succeed, and I’m going to back it up and, you know, deliver it just for them.”

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